First Week Of School

Our first week of school is very important! It is a milestone for our students, parents, and our teachers to set the tone of the class for the entire year. Some are going through a mixture of emotions and anxieties and some are settling down into school routine quickly and safe. But everyone will soon settle down and grow to enjoy the company and activities.

Essential agreements have been set in this very first week to allow students and teachers creating a better learning environment. They looked up words, chatted in pairs and group, and came together to conclude what make value to them. In fact, students signed their name in a display of commitment toward the classroom goals! If everyone remembers the agreement, they do not need ‘rules’; instead they have goals in their mind.

Unit of Inquiry information are mapped and sent home so everyone can follow what is happening in the classroom and what kind of support can be provided for the Unit 1.

Well, learning gears are turning on! Wishing everyone an amazing first week of school and success in this new academic year 2019/2020. []