Parents-Teachers Conference (PTC)

On Thursday, December 13th 2018, Al Jabr students bring home their Report Cards. On the next day, December 14th 2018, Al Jabr held the Parents-Teachers Conferences (PTC).

Al Jabr PTC is designed to give the parents information about the student’s progress development and needs, and about the school’s programme. Teachers should take this opportunity to gather background information, to answer the parents’ questions, to address their concerns, and to help define their role in the learning process. The parents should take the opportunity to provide the teacher with the cultural context of the student’s learning. (Resource: Making PYP Happen, page 52).

PTC also act as Al Jabr action to create an inclusive learning community that prioritize people and their relationship, especially between school and parents and/or legal guardians. Partnerships with parents and legal guardians benefit the students and value the perspectives they bring to the learning community. They add richness to the community by being actively involved in the life of the school to share decisions, exchange ideas, build on experiences and provide support. The partnerships between home and school provide the foundation to support students’ learning, growth, health and wellbeing and agency. (Resource: IB PYP The Learning Community, page 1-3).